"a world of playful, yet tender, childlike elegance"

About Gehring Dancetheatre

When Heather Gehring began Gehring Dancetheatre in 2003, she envisioned a unique company of technically proficient, strong dancers who were versatile in body and mind who could create with her by contributing his or her own personal strengths and abilities to the whole. Heather wanted a company where each dancer is allowed to offer their own unique set of skills to the group, where material could be shared, learning from each other, and where no one had to conform to any preset image of the illusive “perfect dancer’s body”.

Gehring Dancetheatre is now a company of strong, individual artists dedicated to personal and artistic growth in body, mind and spirit. It is a place where dancers are treated as real people and are pushed to their limits, and challenged to go beyond their own perceived boundaries. Each dancer is encouraged and expected to be more than just a physical instrument. The company has created a nurturing, non-threatening and non-competitive environment where each dancer is called on to contribute to the entire group through her personal strengths and surrender her personal weaknesses. The dancers share the responsibility of encouraging and helping to teach each other from their own, one of a kind, store of wisdom and knowledge.

Each dancer in the company has classical training in ballet as well as special training in various movement styles including hip-hop, ballroom, acrobatics, swing, lyrical and tango. Heather created a specialized warm up class for the company to stretch and strengthen bodies by working and isolating each muscle group to develop strength and focus on proper alignment and form for technique. By trying to learn from and incorporate each person’s specialty, Heather has created a unique style of dance that is a little bit of each of the company members and which is constantly evolving as the dancers learn from each other.

Gehring Dancetheatre’s choreography is contemporary with strong elements of acrobatics and partnering. The company repertoire consists over 15 unique and varied pieces choreographed by Heather as well as by other members of the company. Each piece in the company repertoire has not only a subtly different style from the others but also a unique feel, atmosphere or story.

At Gehring Dancetheatre the dancers try to work from the inside out, bringing authenticity to their work and to their play. The company tries never to hinder themselves by fear or insecurity. They believe that the greatest limitations are often in a person’s own mind and if, as dancers, they free themselves of their fear, and follow what they love, anything is possible.

Gehring Dancetheatre. 917.627.4317. P.O. Box 89. New York. NY. 10011.

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